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The iBase GNSS receiver is a fully integrated professional GNSS base station specifically designed to meet 95% of surveyors’ needs when working in UHF GNSS base and rover mode. The performance of the iBase UHF base station compared to a standard external UHF radio modem is almost perfect. But its unique design eliminates the need for a heavy external battery, cumbersome cables, external radio, and radio antenna. Its 5-watt radio module provides operational GNSS RTK coverage up to 25 km in optimal conditions, and a real-time UHF interference self-checking technique allows the operator to select the most appropriate frequency channel to use.

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Start Your Projects In Fractions of Seconds

1. The iBase GNSS station is an all-in-one RTK GNSS station. No more cables or external batteries. No need to take many accessories, resulting in easier operation.
2. The simplicity of the setup process improves work efficiency at least 3 times compared to conventional external radio solutions.
3. Beyond a simple GNSS station, the iBase also includes a 4G modem for transmitting GNSS corrections via TCP/IP server.

Lower Consumption, Longer Autonomy, Broader Coverage

1. The iBase GNSS electronics design significantly reduces power needs without sacrificing the UHF modem's performance.
2. Its two high-capacity removable batteries provide up to 12 hours of continuous operation when transmitting RTK corrections at 5 watts power output.
3. With the UHF it can cover up to 25 km in optimal conditions and up to 5km under challenging conditions such as wooded and suburban areas.

Best Gnss Signal Tracking In Its Class

1. The state-of-the-art 1408-channel GNSS technology leverages GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.
2. The iBase GNSS integrates cutting-edge GNSS antenna technology and multipath mitigation algorithms to ensure that the highest quality GNSS corrections are transmitted to the GNSS rovers.

Rugged Conception For Uninterrupted Work

1. iBase is the GNSS base receiver that you can rely on regardless of your working environment.
2. Its industrial design meets the stringent IP67 standard for water and dust ingress protection.
3. The IK08 impact protection level further extends the life of the iBase GNSS receiver, allowing it to withstand accidental falls from the height of a tripod onto hard ground.


Receiver characteristics satellite tracking GPS+BDS+Glonass+galileo+QZSS, support Beidou third-generation satellites, support five-star sixteen-frequency
operating system Linux system
Initialization time <5s (typ.)
Initialize reliability >99.99%
Receiver appearance button 1 dynamic/static switch key, 1 power key
indicator light 1 differential signal light, 1 satellite light
display 1 LCD display
Nominal accuracy static precision Plane accuracy: ±(2.5+ 0.5×10-6×D) mm
Elevation accuracy: ±(5+0.5×10-6×D) mm
RTK accuracy Plane Accuracy: ±(8 + 1×10-6×D) mm
Elevation accuracy: ±(15+ 1×10-6×D) mm
Stand-alone accuracy 1.5m
Code differential accuracy Plane accuracy: ±(0.25+ 1×10-6×D) m
Elevation accuracy: ±(0.5+ 1×10-6×D) m
Electrification parameters Battery Removable 14000mAh lithium battery, support base station 12+ hours battery life
External power supply The host can be powered by DC power, can be powered by 220V AC power, and can directly supply power to the host through the radio (9-24) V DC
Physical properties size Φ160.54mm*103mm
weight 1.73kg
Material Magnesium alloy AZ91D body
Operating temperature -45℃~+85℃
storage temperature -55℃~+85℃
Waterproof and dustproof IP68 class
shock shock IK08 class
Anti-drop Resist 2 meters free fall
Data communication I/O interface 1 external UHF antenna port
One seven-pin data port interface, support power supply, differential data output
1 nano sim card slot
Built-in esim, giving three years of traffic for surveying and mapping
Radio station Built-in transceiver integrated radio, power: up to 5W
network module Support 4G full Netcom
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth BT 4.0, backward compatible with BT2.x, the protocol supports Win/Android/IOS system
NFC Support NFC flash connection
Data output output format NMEA 0183, binary code
output method BT/Wi-Fi/RS232/Radio
Static storage storage format Direct recording of HCN, HRC, RINEX, compressed RINEX
storage Standard 8GB memory, support space protection
Download method FTP remote push + local one-click download, HTTP download
Receiver function super double NMEA 0183, binary code
one-button start BT/Wi-Fi/RS232/Radio
Remote upgrade One-click remote upgrade to improve work efficiency
Base Station Drift Warning When the location of the base station changes due to an unexpected situation, the handbook terminal immediately issues a warning

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