Professional R500 Reflectorless Surveying Equipment GEOMAX ZT16R Total Station

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In order to meet the needs of urban surveying users for measurement efficiency, the ZT16R total station continues the consistent high quality and high-precision technical features of GEOMAX total stations, making further breakthroughs in distance and speed measurement, providing urban surveying customers with a more “pleasant” experience.

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Extreme speed measurement, efficiency first
The measurement speed of ZT16R can reach 0.5 seconds/point. it is instant measurement points, no need to wait for,and there is no fear of urban pedestrian and traffic, and at the same time, the measurement stability is effectively guaranteed!

Powerful Road Software
The APP platform with powerful functions and rich programs supports various applications such as road stakeout and power measurement, which is suitable for the needs of customers in different industries.

Keyboard + mobile phone dual operation mode
ZT16R is equipped with double-sided keyboard and geomax Intelligent Measurement program. Users can use traditional numeric keyboard keys to measure, or use geomax Intelligent Measurement software to control the instrument measurement, making the measurement more intelligent and flexible.

Vertical axis integrated laser plummet
The laser plummet is embedded in the vertical shaft to ensure accuracy and stability without adjustment.

Easy to operate, one-button backlight
Measurement data support U disk storage and USB cable output Support U disk hot swap, plug and play, data transmission is convenient and fast.


Model ZT16R
Aperture 40mm
gain 28x
Field of view 1°30''(26m/1km)
Shortest viewing distance 1.5m
Measuring range
Single prism 3500m
Without prism 500m
Precision 2mm+2ppm (with prism) / 3mm+2ppm (without prism)
Laser type coaxial visible red laser
Frequency 100MHz
Angle measurement
Angle measurement principle Absolute coding
display 1''/5''/10''
Precision 2''
Compensation principle dual-axis liquid compensator
The scope of work ±3'
Tube level 30''/2mm
Round blisters 8'/2mm
the place In the vertical axis of the instrument
the way point under laser
Operating temperature -20℃~+50℃
Dustproof and waterproof IP54
Power supply 
type of battery polymer lithium-ion 7.4v/3000mAh
Operating time
9 hours (continuous measurement)
USB Support
Wifi Support
U disk Support
Data capacity 40000 data blocks
Operating system
Types of Free RT/OS

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