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CHCNAV X11 RTK is a revolutionary visual stakeout RTK product that integrates CHCNAV’s new visual technology. Support real scene 3D stakeout. Support IMU tilt survey 60°. Fully compatible with 5-star 21 frequency points, multiple algorithms can verify each other. Support engineering cloud service.

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Visual Reality Stakeout, Put A Point In Place

1. Immersive 3D stakeout, stakeout points directly marked on the ground, follow the arrow, a bar can be put in place, farewell to move back and forth.
2. Satellite navigation+IMU+visual fusion algorithm, replacing magnetic compass scheme, not affected by magnetic interference, with accurate direction.
3. Follow the stakeout, the stakeout base map rotates with people, and view the navigation from the first perspective without having to struggle with direction and distance recognition.

Double the Number Of Channels For Higher Sensitivity

1. Supports Beidou third-generation satellites, supports 5-star 21 frequency, adopts dual core processors, improves chip computing power by 100%, and can solve more satellite frequency points.
2. The CHCNAV X11 RTK features 1408 channels that track full constellations and frequencies, with a fixed effect improvement of 15% in obstructed environments. Multiple algorithms can verify each other, removing excess points, and all measured points can be used.

Super IMU, Reliable Accuracy, And Instant Measurement

1. Fast initialization algorithm without waiting.
2. After initialization, do not exit. Shouldering, hand holding, and horizontally IMU are all available.
3. No need the electronic Bubbles, measure it as soon as you click, with reliable accuracy.

Cloud Service

Support engineering cloud backup, data cloud sharing, work cloud collaboration,"face-to-face" remote assistance, data transmission without wires, data not afraid of loss, and problem solving is no longer difficult.

HCE600 Data Controller
Featuring Android 10 operating system.
A sleek, lightweight, premium design.
5.5-inch DragonTrail™ display.
With Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi, 4G modem.
Nano-SIM card, 32GB flash memory.
Ultra-rugged, IP67 and MIL-STD-810H standards.

Landstar8 Software
Easy to use and learn, with powerful features.
Simplified project and coordinated system management.
CAD base map rendering in seconds.
Cloud integration enables efficient collaboration from field to office.


Satellites and Accuracy
satellite system GPS+BDS+Glonass+Galileo+QZSS, support the third generation of Beidou, support five-star twenty-one frequency
number of channels 1408
Initialize reliability 99.90%
No network continued test Support high-precision solution, the base station can publish data such as power information
Signal capture sensitivity Typical value -162dbm, stronger ability to capture weak signal
satellite-based differential Support L-Band function
(optional) Support Beidou third-generation B2b-ppp service, the accuracy can reach centimeter level
  Support domestic satellite-based enhanced services (centimeter level)
  Support ground-based augmentation system differential services (centimeter level)
  Global satellite-based centimeter-level services can be opened
GNSS+Inertial Navigation[2]
IMU update rate 200Hz
slope 0-60 degrees
super inertial navigation Support travel process to complete initialization, and support centering rod calibration
User interaction  indicator light 1 satellite light + 1 differential data light + 1 static indicator light + 1 power light
button Static toggle key + power/confirm key
web page Support PC/mobile web pages
Function Support visual stakeout
pixel 2MP
frame rate 25Hz
Field of View (H, V) 75°, 75°
Illumination Starlight-level camera, still maintains full-color picture under 0.01lux illumination
Physical properties   size Φ133mm*87.6mm
weight 0.8 Kg (including battery)
material magnesium alloy
Operating temperature -45ºC~+75ºC
storage temperature -55ºC~+85ºC
waterproof breathable membrane Prevent water vapor from entering the equipment in harsh environments such as sun exposure and sudden heavy rain
Waterproof and dustproof IP68 (Protection against 1 meter immersion in water for 30 minutes)
anti-collision IK08 (with the same mechanical impact force as a 2.5kg steel ram without damage, 3 meters drop resistance)
Electrical properties
Built-in 6600mAh lithium battery
The typical battery life of the mobile station is more than 16h
fast charge Support fast charge, up to 24w fast charge
Built-in storage
8GB, can support external expansion 128G, automatic cycle storage, disk
After the storage is full, it will be automatically deleted, and the static data of the receiver will be copied with one key.
Data output
Differential data RTCM2.X, RTCM3.X, CMR, CHC516
positioning data NMEA-0183
static data HCN, RINEX 2.11, RINEX3.02
Data communication
wireless connection Support Wi-Fi data link
network module Handbook supports 4G full Netcom
radio Built-in single-receiver radio, support CTI/TT450/transparent transmission protocol
Advanced Features
One-click fix Comes with a CORS account, which can be fixed at startup
Smart service Support CTI cloud service, provide cloud storage, function code sharing
Control Handbook
model HCE600 Android Measurement Handbook
operating system Android 10
CPU Octa-core 2.0GHz processor
network 4G full Netcom, built-in eSIM for three years of surveying and mapping traffic
Operating temperature -30ºC-+60ºC
Storage temperature -40ºC-+80ºC
Waterproof and dustproof IP68

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