Chintergeo 2023 27th-29th Novomber

CHINTERGEO2023 exhibition will start on the 27th-29th Novomber in the Guangzhou. Entering September, there are only two months left before CHINTERGEO2023. As the time approaches, more and more companies that are still waiting to see have begun to take action, and the exhibition has once again erupted into a small climax of "competing" for booths. At the same time, more than 100 brands have confirmed that they are ready for development and are working with CHINTERGEO to continuously promote in different fields. We look forward to giving you more surprises!

CHINTERGEO2023 27th-29th Novomber

Welcome to CHINTERGEO 2023, the premier conference bringing together the best minds in the geospatial industry. With the rapid advancement of technology and the need for geospatial information in various fields, CHINTERGEO2023 is sure to spark conversations, foster collaboration, and pave the way for the future of geospatial innovation. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of CHINTERGEO 2023 and discuss why everyone should eagerly await this extraordinary event.

Bringing together experts and innovators:
CHINTERGEO2023 is a melting pot that brings together geospatial experts, technologists, researchers and policymakers from around the world. The Forum is a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas and showcase the latest advances in the geospatial field. By connecting professionals from multiple disciplines, CHINTERGEO2023 fosters cross-collaboration and opens up new innovation opportunities.

CHINTERGEO2023 27th-29th Novomber1

Post time: Sep-25-2023