2023 Newest Camera GNSS Hi Target V500

1. Professional camera, large viewing angle, better use of real scene lofting
Real scene lofting, the lofting points are clear; superimposed design files, the combination of virtual and real is clear, greatly improving the lofting efficiency. Professional grade starlight night vision HD lens, wide viewing angle, with professional algorithm, high accuracy, accuracy is better than 1cm. Handheld 360-degree AR lofting Seamless switch with host image stakeout, immersive stakeout, fast and accurate.

2023 newest camera GNSS Hi target V5000

2. Built-in new generation high-precision inertial navigation Automatic initialization at power on, automatic attitude compensation. The new generation of inertial navigation does not require a fixed solution and can be initialized upon startup.
Measure at the point of arrival, efficient and convenient Stable and difficult to exit, accurate and reliable.

2023 newest camera GNSS Hi target V50002

3. Full constellation and full frequency band, fully supporting Beidou-3 satellites
New generation GNSS SoC chip, 1408 channels, supports Beidou-3 satellite new frequency points B1C, B2a and B2b RTK solution introduces multi-frequency anti-interference technology and multi-step adaptive filtering technology, strong signal, good data, fast fixation, High precision.

4. Hi-Survey professional surveying software. High-performance CAD engine, large basemaps can be quickly imported and edited, saving worry and effort. Exclusive interactive experience, AR real-scene lofting, new visual measurement experience, Al voice control, freeing your hands, making the operation easier easy.

2023 newest camera GNSS Hi target V50003

5. IHand55 collector, 5.5-inch high-brightness touch screen, support Sim card, Exclusive AR engine, Android11 system, smoother operation.

2023 newest camera GNSS Hi target V50004

Post time: Sep-25-2023