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S3 AR visual stakeout RTK, equipped with high-performance, high-precision positioning board, full constellation full frequency point signal tracking, fully support Beidou III; Real scene stakeout, one step in place; Pre-installed fourth generation IMU technology; The appearance and weight of the whole machine are significantly optimized compared with the previous generation, and the stakeout efficiency of the outgoing project is significantly improved.

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Strong performance · Light to surveying

As a full function visual stakeout IMU RTK, the S3 AR is compact in appearance and powerful in performance.

The size of the whole machine is 120mm×71.5mm, and the weight is light to 513g, which is lightweight and convenient for going out.

Real scene stakeout · One step in place

Satellite navigation + IMU + vision fusion algorithm, free from electromagnetic interference, accurate stakeout.

RTK is combined with the image, the stakeout point is marked in the image, and the point is quickly found and put in place in one step.

Controller and host double AR, real scene stakeout, seamless switching, fast and accurate.

Large Battery

10000mAh built-in intelligent lithium battery to meet the needs of 16 hours of daily operation.

The Type-C interface supports PD fast charging to shorten the charging time.

It can be powered by a power bank.

IMU Technology

Tilt Survey 60°, 2‘’ accuracy.

P9IV Data Controller

Professional-grade Android 11 controller.
Impressive Battery Life: continuously work up to 15 hours.
Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.0-inch HD Touchscreen.
32GB Large Memory Storage.
Google Service Framework.
Rugged Design: Integrated magnesium alloy bracket.

Surpad 4.2 Software

Enjoy the powerful functions, including tilt survey, CAD, line stakeout, road stakeout, GIS data collection, COGO calculation, QR code scanning, FTP transmission, etc.
Abundant Formats for Importing and Exporting.
Easy-to-use UI.
Advanced Display of Base Maps.
Compatible with Any Android Devices.
Powerful CAD Function.


GNSS        Channels 1408
Signals       BDS: B11/B21/B31/B1C/B2a/B2b
GPS: L1C/A/L2P (Y)/L2C/L5
GALILEO: E1/E5a/E5b/E6
QZSS: L1/L2/L5/L6
Accuracy    Static H: 2.5 mm±1ppm , V: 5 mm±1ppm
RTK H: 8 mm±1ppm, V:15 mm±1ppm
DGNSS <0.5m
System        Initialization Time 8s
Initialization Reliable 99.90%
Operating System Linux
Merrory 16GB
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth BT5.0
E-Bubble support
Tilt Survey IMU Tilt Survey 60°,Fusion Positioning/400Hz refresh rate
Datalink   Audio support TTS audio broadcast
UHF radio station TX and RX (1W), 3-5km typically, suport 410-470Mhz
Protocol Full protocol support :TrimTalk 450s, TrimTalk(4800), TrimMarkIII, SOUTH (9600 19200), PCC-GMSK, PCC-4FSK, PCCFST, PCCFST_ADL, PCC-EOT, Hitarget(9600 19200), Geotalk, GeoMark, Satel, Satel_ADL, HZSZ, etc., can communicate with global brand radio stations.
Physical     Interface 1*TNC Radio Antenna, 1*Type-C
Button 1 Power Button
Indication Light 4 Indication Lights
Size W120mm * H 71.5mm
Weight 513g
Power supply   Battery capacity 3.65V, 10000mAh
battery Life Timer Static Survey: 20 hours, Rover RTK survey: 16h
External power source DC 9-18V, with overvoltage protection
Environment    Work Temporature  -30℃~ +60℃
Storage Temporature  -40℃~ +80℃
waterproof&dustproof IP67
Humidity 99.9% anti-condensation
Bottom Camera Pixel 2MP

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