New Original 1408 Channels AR Survey Gnss Receiver Rtk Hi Target Irtk20

Short Description:

The king of stakeout with the bottom camera, Fast and accurate.

New generation GNSS SoC chip, 1408 channels

Built-in new generation high precision IMU tilt survey 60°, Automatic initialization upon startup.

Internal 2W UHF radio can receive and transmit.

Eternal 35W radio can work 10-20km typically.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Professional camera, large Angle of view, better use of real scene lofting

Real scene lofting, lofting point clearly.
Overlay design documents, the combination of real and virtual clearly, greatly improve the lofting efficiency.
Professional grade starry night vision HD lens, wide viewing Angle, with professional algorithm, high precision, accuracy is better than 1cm.
Hand book 360 degree AR lofting seamlessly switches with host image lofting, immersion lofting, lofting fast and accurate.

Built-in new generation of high precision inertial navigation

Boot automatic initialization, automatic attitude compensation.
The new generation of inertial guide, no fixed solution, boot can be initialized
Spot test, efficient and convenient.
Stability is not easy to exit, accuracy is reliable.

Full constellation and full frequency band, fully support the Beidou-3 satellite

New generation GNSS SOC chip, 1408 channel.
To support the calculation of new frequency points B1C, B2a and B2bRTK of the Beidou-3 satellite.
Multi-frequency point anti-jamming technology and multi-step adaptive wave technology are introduced.
Strong signal, good data, fixed fast, high precision.














GNSS Configuration

Number of channels 1408
BDS B1I,B2I,B3I,B1C,B2a,B2b
GALILEO E1,E5a,E5b,E6*
QZSS L1,L2,L5,L6*
Output format ASCII: NMEA-0183, binary code
Positioning output frequency 1Hz~20Hz
Differential support CMR、RTCM2.X、RTCM3.0、RTCM3.2
Static format support GNS, Rinex dual format static data
Differential format RTCM2.X, RTCM3.X
Network mode VRS, FKP, MAC; support NTRIP protocol

System Configuration

Operating system Linux operating system
Data storage Built-in 16GB ROM, supports automatic cycle storage of static data









Precision and Reliability

RTK positioning accuracy Plane: ±(8+1×10-6D) mm
Elevation: ±(15+1×10-6D) mm
Static positioning accuracy Plane: ±(2.5+0.5×10-6D) mm
Elevation: ±(5+0.5×10-6D) mm
DGPS positioning accuracy Plane accuracy: ±0.25m+1ppm;
Elevation accuracy: ±0.50m+1ppm
SBAS positioning accuracy 0.5m
Tilt measurement accuracy 8mm+0.7mm/°tilt
Visiual stakeout accuracy 1cm
Initialization time <10 seconds
Initialization reliability >99.99%
RTK keep technology YES


Function Professional star-level night vision high-definition camera, super large viewing angle, support live-view stakeout










Cellular mobile Built-in 4G network communication: TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, EDGE,GPRS,GSM
I/O Interface USB type C interface; SMA interface
WiFi 802.11b/g access point and client mode, can provide WiFi hotspot service
Bluetooth Bluetooth® 2.4GHz, BT5.2
Power 1W/2W/5W adjustable
RK/TK internal UHF radio 0.5W/1W/2W adjustable
116 frequency bands adjustable


Electronic Bubbles Realize Smart Alignment
Tilt measurement IMU

User Interface

Panel Single button
Indicator light Satellite lights, signal lights, power lights



Electrical physical properties

battery High capacity lithium battery 6800mAh, working time is more than 16 hours
Input voltage USB 15W charger
size Φ158mm×98mm
weight ≤1.2kg (including battery)


Environmental characteristics

Dust and water release IP68
Anti-fall Resistance to natural drop of 2 meters
Operating temperature -40℃~75℃
Storage temperature -55℃~+85℃


2 Hi target ihand55 controller
3 Hi target hi-survey software

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