High Performance Trigger Key R1000 Reflectorless Hi-Target HTS521L10 Total Station

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HTS-521L10 adopts a high-definition color screen to provide better human-computer interaction. The new optical design and absolute coding technology improve the measurement performance. High-precision compact bead shafting and sealed encoder disk enhance accuracy and stability. Built-in abundant measurement programs and comprehensive maintenance procedures will provide a new measurement experience.

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Longer Range And More Stable Precision

HTS-521L10 has a new optical structure design. It adopts a new ranging algorithm and cooperates with high-quality electronic and optical components. The reflectorless range is up to 1000m with 3+2ppm accuracy. The prism mode range is farther than 6000m with 2+2ppm accuracy.

Colorful Display

2.8-inch and 240*320 pixels high-brightness color display is still clearly visible under the strong sunlight. The rubber keys have a backlight display, which makes operation clear in dark environment.

Trigger Key And Auto Senor

1. The data can be acquired by trigger key with one click, which improves the speed and accuracy of the measurement greatly.
2. Get temperature and pressure automatically.


HTS-521L10 is widely applied to control surveys, construction, mining, tunnel, railway, highway and other application scenarios. HTS-521L10 was born for efficiency.


Angle Measurement
Measurement Method Absolute Encoding
Minimum Readout 1"
Accuracy 2"
Distance Measurement (with Reflector)
Single prism (General/Good Atmosphere) 5000m/6000m
Accuracy (Fine/Quick/Tracking) 2mm + 2ppm
Measuring Time (Repeat/Tracking) 0.5s/0.3s
Distance Measurement (Reflectorless)
Range (The target is Kodak white board with reflect rate of 90%) 1000M
Accuracy (It may change according to the different reflector conditions) 3mm+2ppm
Measuring Time 1s
Magnification 30X
Field of View 1°30′ (2.7m at 100m)
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.5m
Reticle Light up
System Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor
Working Range ±3'
Setting Accuracy 1"
Interface Standard RS232
Internal Data Memory Approx. 20,000 Points/Standard USB flash drive
Wireless communication Bluetooth
Operation system English Real-time Operating System
Display 2.8-inch and 240*320 pixels high-brightness color display
Keyboard 2 sides Alphanumeric backlit crystal keyboard
Laser Plummet
Type Laser point, 4 brightness levels adjustment / Optical plummet (optional)
Power Supply
Battery Type Rechargeable high-energy lithium battery (Type-C for direct charging)
Voltage/Capacity 7.4v, 3000mAh
Operating Time 18-hour (30-second measurement of new battery with 25°C), 36-hour continuous angle measuring
Measuring Times Approx. 30000 times
Operating Temperature -20ºC ~+50ºC( -4ºF to +122ºF)
Storage Temperature -40ºC ~+70ºC(-40ºF to +158ºF)
Temperature and Air Pressure Input Automatic sensor
Dust&Water Proof (IEC60529 Standard)/Humidity IP65

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