High Accuracy R800 Reflectorless Color Screen Stonex R3 R20 Total Station

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The Stonex R3/R20 offer optimum performance up to 3500 m with prism and 800 m reflectorless. The R3/R20 is equipped with a illuminated reticle telescope that provides the best quality of observation, whatever the environmental conditions.

The programs on board of this total station make it suitable for any work in construction, cadastral, mapping and staking, through a user-friendly interface. Thanks to the presence of Bluetooth connection, it is possible to connect an external controller, giving the possibility to use a customized field software.

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Long measuring distance (800 meters without prism)
Using digital phase laser ranging technology, it can achieve high-precision measurement of long-distance targets in prism-free mode, ranging up to 800 meters; single prism 3500 meters.

Fast measure speed
Equipped with a new fast digital ranging lens and applying a new ranging technology, it can achieve a single precise measurement of 0.8' and a tracking of 0.3', effectively ensuring the measurement efficiency.

One-click measurement
When the instrument is measuring, the eye does not need to leave the telescope, and the measurement can be completed with one key. One-key measurement has little impact on measurement operations and can ensure the accuracy of measurement work.

Dual axis compensation
The fully automatic dual-axis compensator, combined with the visual display of the electronic bubbles, can achieve precise leveling and ensure the accuracy of the horizontal position.

One day of continuous field work
Thanks to the low power consumption circuit design R3/R20 gives the opportunity to continuously work for more than 22 hours.

Temperature pressure sensors
Temperature and pressure changes have a negative impact on the accuracy of distance measurements. R3/R20 monitors the changes and automatically adjusts the distance calculations.


Telescope Imaging Erect
Magnification 30×
Lens tube length 160mm
Resolution 2.8"
Field of view 1°30'
Effective aperture 44mm
Angle measurement part Angle measurement method Absolute coding system
Accuracy 2''
Minimum display reading 1"
Display unit 360° / 400 gon / 6400 mil
Ranging part Ranging light source 650~690nm
measure time 0.5s (quick test)
Spot diameter 12mm×24mm (at 50m)
Laser pointing Switchable laser pointer
Laser class Class 3
No prism 800 m
Single prism 3500 m
Prism accuracy 2mm+2×10 -6×D
Prism-free accuracy 3mm+2×10-6 ×D
Prism constant correction -99.9mm +99.9mm
Minimum reading Precision measurement mode 1 mm Tracking measurement mode 10 mm
Temperature setting range −40℃+60℃
temperature range Step size 1℃
Atmospheric pressure correction 500 hPa-1500 hPa
Atmospheric pressure Step length 1hPa
Level Long level 30"/ 2 mm
Circular level 8' / 2 mm
Laser plummet wavelength 635 nm
Laser class Class 2
Precision ±1.5 mm / 1.5m
Spot size/energy Adjustable
Maximum output power 0.7 -1.0 mW, adjustable through software switch
Compensator Compensation method Dual axis compensation
Compensation method Graphical
The scope of work ±4'
Resolution 1"
Onboard battery power supply lithium battery
Voltage DC 7.4V
operating hours About 20 h (25℃, measurement + distance measurement, interval 30s),
only when measuring angle> 24 h
Display/Button Types of 2.8 inch color screen
illumination LCD backlight
button Full numeric keyboard
Data transmission Interface Type USB interface/ Bluetooth
Environmental indicators Operating temperature -20℃ - 50℃
storage temperature -40℃ - 60℃
Waterproof and dustproof IP 54

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