Gps Tracking Module Garmin eTrex 221X Handheld Gps

Short Description:

Garmin eTrex 221x GPS specification:

2.2″ display;

8 GB Memory;

USB Interface;

2000 Waypoints;

Electronic compass;

Support French Spanish Portuguese English

Product Detail

Product Tags

Do it all with one hand, measurement and positioning elf

A handheld dual-star measurement and positioning navigator with high-sensitivity new-generation dual-star (GPS+GLONASS) rapid positioning capabilities. eTrex 221x uses an anti-glare color screen, which is still clearly visible under strong light and is suitable for field measurement and positioning operations. Five-way rocker button operation design makes operation more flexible and free. Multiple coordinate systems and format conversions, professional area measurement functions, light weight and power saving, solid three-proof design, advanced one-hand control and user-friendly design.

Double star positioning

It can receive two major satellite systems, GPS and GLONASS, at the same time, which enhances the possibility of receiving signals and speeds up positioning in places with many obstructions.

Area measurement

Equipped with professional area measurement functions (track, route, equal width measurement mode)

Large storage capacity

In addition to being able to record 2,000 waypoints and 10,000 track records, the track record can also be wirelessly expanded according to the memory or memory card space, allowing you to record happily without worrying about insufficient space every day.

Energy saving and low power consumption

Up to 22 hours of continuous operation time

Rich trip data

More than 40 pieces of itinerary information, positioning, navigation and measurement can be done at once.


Hardware and performance product size(CM) 5.4×10.3×3.3
Screen SizeCMinch 3.5×4.4(2.4)
Screen resolution 240×320
Screen color Semi transparent color TFT display
Touch Screen NO
Memory 8G
Support memory card microSD™
Weightwith battery 141.7g
Working Time 22h
Waterproof index IPX7
Floatable NO
Conmutador de coordenadas NO
Positioning accuracy
(optimal state)
Within 11M
Satellite system GPS+GLONASS
Interface USB
Data record Number of waypoints 2000
Route (piece× Point) 200×250
Track record (point) 9999
Save track
(piece× Point)
MAP Pre installed detailed map NO
Pre installed background map YES
Attachable map YES
Support navigation map YES
Tidal support table YES
Function Electronic compass YES
Barometric altimeter NO
Track measurement area YES
Route survey area YES
Position averaging YES
beijing54/xi'an80/CGCS2000 YES
Buzzer sound reminder YES
Support custom interest points YES
wireless data transmission NO
Photographic function NO
Picture browser YES
Photo navigation YES
Custom attribute collection NO
  External antenna interface NO
geographic treasures
Standard configuration ·Host · USB data cable · instruction manual


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