Good Quality 36X Magnification W5-36 Auto Level Instrument Price

Short Description:

● 36x magnifications.
● Air Dumping compensator.
● 1.0MM Deviation.
● 0.5m Minimum Focusing distance
● Dust proof and waterproof.

Product Detail

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Standard Deviation for 1km Double-run Leveling ±1mm
Telescope Magnification 36×
Telescope Image Erect
Effective Aperture Size of Object Lens 42mm
Field of View 1°20‘
Shortest Sighting Distance 0.5m
Stadia Multiplication 100
Compensator Type Air dumping 
Compensator Working range ±15'
Leveling Accuracy ±0.5"
Accuracy of Circular Level 8/2'mm
Horizontal Circle 1°or 1gon
Net. Weight 1.6kg
Waterproof grade IP66


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