Fast Fixed 1408 Channels IMU Hi Target V300 V500 GNSS

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1.Equipped with an upgraded high-definition starlight camera, V300/V500 brings out an excellent visual stakeout experience in low-light conditions.

2.New generation GNSS SoC chip, 1408 channels. Built-in new generation high precision IMU tilt survey 60°, automatic initialization upon startup.

3.Internal 2W UHF radio can receive and transmit. Eternal 35W radio can work 10-20km typically.

4.The compact and lightweight design,24 Hours Ultra-Long battery life make V300/V500 a feasible and portable choice.

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Better AR Stakeout Experience

Visual positioning technology to find points with ease. The combination of virtual and reality by overlaying the design files with the real scene improves stakeout efficiency.

Professional-grade starlight night vision HD camera with wide angle. Excellent performance and algorithm in tracking signals, achieving an accuracy of up to 1cm.

Seamless switch of 360-degree AR stakeout between the handheld controller and the rover brings out immersive stakeout experiences making stakeout fast and accurate.

Built-in High-Precision Tilt Survey

Based on the new generation of IMU, initialization occurs automatically at the startup without obtaining a fixed solution.

Measure as reaching the point, efficient and convenient.

Stable performance for reliable results.

Full Constellation and Full Frequency

Advanced GNSS SoC chip features 1408 channels, supporting new frequency points B1C, B2a, and B2b RTK decoding for Beidou-3 Satellites.

Multi-frequency interference detection technology and multi-stage adaptive filtering technology with a strong signal, good data, fast fixed procedure, and high accuracy.


  Number of channels 1408
Output format ASCII: NMEA-0183, binary code
Positioning output frequency 1Hz~20Hz
Differential support CMRRTCM2.XRTCM3.0RTCM3.2
Static format support GNS, Rinex dual format static data
Differential format RTCM2.X, RTCM3.X
Network mode VRS, FKP, MAC; support NTRIP protocol
System Configuration Operating system Linux operating system
Data storage Built-in 16GB ROM, supports automatic cycle storage of static data
Precision and Reliability RTK positioning accuracy Plane: ±(8+1×10-6D) mm
Elevation: ±(15+1×10-6D) mm
Static positioning accuracy Plane: ±(2.5+0.5×10-6D) mm
Elevation: ±(5+0.5×10-6D) mm
DGPS positioning accuracy Plane accuracy: ±0.25m+1ppm;
Elevation accuracy: ±0.50m+1ppm
SBAS positioning accuracy 0.5m
Tilt measurement accuracy 8mm+0.7mm/°tilt
Visiual stakeout accuracy 1cm
Initialization time <10 seconds
Initialization reliability 99.99%
RTK keep technology YES
Camera Function Professional star-level night vision high-definition camera, super large viewing angle, support live-view stakeout
Communication Cellular mobile Built-in 4G network communication: TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, EDGEGPRSGSM
I/O Interface USB type C interface; SMA interface
WiFi 802.11b/g access point and client mode, can provide WiFi hotspot service
Bluetooth Bluetooth® 2.4GHz, BT5.2
Power 1W/2W/5W adjustable
RK/TK internal UHF radio 0.5W/1W/2W adjustable
116 frequency bands adjustable
Sensor Electronic Bubbles Realize Smart Alignment
Tilt measurement IMU
User Interface Panel Single button
Indicator light Satellite lights, signal lights, power lights
Electrical physical properties battery High capacity lithium battery 6800mAh, working time is more than 16 hours
Input voltage USB 15W charger
size Φ158mm×98mm
weight ≤1.2kg (including battery)
Environmental characteristics Dust and water release IP68
Anti-fall Resistance to natural drop of 2 meters
Operating temperature -40℃~75℃
Storage temperature -55℃~+85℃


2 Hi target ihand55 controller
3 Hi target hi-survey software

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