Efficient Camera Gnss Vision Survey And Stakeout 3D Modeling Chcnav i93

Short Description:

1. The i93 is an extremely versatile receiver that integrates the latest GNSS, Auto-IMU, RTK, and premium dual-camera technologies.

2. By incorporating CHCNAV’s latest visual navigation and stakeout technology, the 3D visual stakeout feature provides ease of use and comfort.

3. The i93′s video photogrammetry technology enables accurate visual surveys, simplifying point measurements without the need for complex offset methods and making it possible to survey previously hard-to-reach, signal-obstructed, and hazardous locations.

4. The i93 can also be used to complement aerial surveys generated from oblique imagery since its data is compatible with the most popular 3D modeling software.

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1408 Channels, Istar And Hybrid Engine

1. The i93 GNSS receiver features 1408 channels that track full constellations and frequencies, it’s powered by an integrated RF-SoC processor and iStar CHCNAV technology.
2. With a 15% gain in survey-grade GNSS RTK performance in challenging environments, the i93 delivers reliable and accurate positioning data.
3. The built-in hybrid engine and proprietary narrowband interference mitigation technique boost GNSS data quality and signal tracking capabilities by more than 20%, ensuring the best possible GNSS RTK performance for any application.

Visual Navigation And Stakeout

1. The i93 integrates star-level cameras to provide an immersive 3D visual navigation and stakeout experience.
2. 3D visual capabilities are also available for line stakeout and CAD-based map stakeout, making operations similarly effortless, intuitive, and efficient.
3. This simplifies the stakeout process, allowing for quick completion in seconds and increasing efficiency by up to 50% for less experienced field operators.

Visual Survey And 3D Modeling

1.The i93 combines GNSS, IMU, and two premium global shutter cameras with video photogrammetry technology.
2.The i93 delivers survey-grade 3D coordinates from real-world video capture in seconds, making it easy to survey previously hard-to-reach, signal-obstructed, and hazardous points in the field, such as under overpasses, under eaves, and near power poles.
3.With its dynamic panoramic video capture and automatic image matching, the i93 improves productivity by up to 60%.
4.Automatic high-speed continuous shooting and adjacent image generation with up to 85% overlap ensure high processing success.

HCE700 Data Controller
Featuring Android 12 operating system.
5.5' HD display.
4G full Netcom, built-in eSIM.
Extended storage supports TF card 256G .
Battery life of 20 hours and above.
Ultra-rugged, IP68, Water and Dustproof.

Landstar8 Software
Easy to use and learn, with powerful features.
Simplified project and coordinated system management.
CAD base map rendering in seconds.
Cloud integration enables efficient collaboration from field to office.


Staellite Channels 1408 channels
satellite tracking BDS: B1I, B2I, B3I, B1C, B2a, B2b*
GPS: L1C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5
Galileo: E1, E5a, E5b, E6*
QZSS: L1C/A, L1C, L2C, L5
initial reliability 99.99%
RTK keep technology yes
Accuracy static accuracy Horizontal: ±(2.5mm + 0.5×10-6×D)mm
Vertical: ±( 5mm + 0.5×10-6×D)mm
RTK accuracy Horizontal: ±( 8mm + 1×10-6×D)mm
Vertical: ±(15mm + 1×10-6×D)mm
Tilt measurement accuracy 8mm + 0.3 mm/° tilt
Image accuracy Typical 2~4cm  measure distance 2~15M
Tilt 0-60°
Communication OLED Quasi-retina screen, color high-definition 1.1-inch OLED
Resolution: 126*294
Even in direct sunlight, it can be seen clearly and transparently,
indicator light 1 satellite light + 1 signal light
Button Fn function key + power/confirm key
web page Support PC/Mobile web pages
Camera pixel 2MP&5MP
Frequency 25Hz
View 75°
Illumination Star-level camera, OmniPixel 3-GS technology
Maintain full color screen under 0.01lux illumination
Advantages Video measurement, efficiency increased by 60%
3D modeling doubles the efficiency
AR live-view navigation, don’t get lost
Visual stakeout, put in place with one shot
Physical Dimensions Φ152 mm*81 mm
Weight 1.06Kg
Material magnesium alloy
Working temperature -45℃~+75℃
storage temperature -55℃~+85℃
waterproof breathable membrane Prevent water vapor from entering the device in harsh environments such as sun exposure and sudden heavy rain
Waterproof and dustproof IP68
Anti-collision IK08
electrical Li-ion battery capacity Built-in non-removable battery
9,600 mAh, 7.4 V
battery Typical battery life of the rover is 18h
Fast charge Up to 24w fast charge. Charge for 1 hour, restore 50% power, and work for 8 hours
External power supply DC  9-28V
Storage 8GB,Support external expansion 128G (U disk/TF card)
Electrical bubble Support
Communication Wireless connections Support NFC, support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi touch flash receiver
eSIM Support gnss and controller
Internet 4G
wifi WIFI  IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 5.0 and 4.2 +EDR
Ports 1 x 7-pin LEMO port (RS-232)
1 x USB Type-C port (external
power, data download, firmware update)
1 x UHF antenna port (TNC female)
Radio Rx/Tx: 410 - 470 MHz,
Transmit Power: 0.5 W to 2W
Support CHC/TT450/transparent transmission protocol, compatible with mainstream model radio protocol in the market
Data Controller Model HCE700 android controller
Operation system Android 12
CPU Eight core 2.3 GHz processor
Internet 4G
battery >20hours
Waterproof and dustproof IP68
Extended storage Support TF card 256G

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