Easy Operation 1598 Channels Kolida K3 IMU Rover Gps Gnss Receiver

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1598 GNSS channels, best-in-class signal tracking capability
System-On-Chip, faster and more reliable than ever
Inertial Measurement up to 60° tilt angle down to 2cm accuracy
12 to 15 hours working after one time recharging.
0.69 kg include battery, work without fatigue

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An Ultra Light and Powerful GNSS ROVER that Covers Your Current and Future Needs.

K3IMU is an ultra light GNSS receiver that leaves the competition behind.

It is powered by the industry leading GNSS Positioning technology, Inertial Measurement technology, System Integration technology. It can seamlessly connect to RTK GNSS networks via Android controller or smartphone with KOLIDA field data collection software, to work as a network rover, also can be worked as UHF radio rover by using its internal radio modem.

Best-in-Class GNSS Signal Tracking

The integrated advanced -channel GNSS 1598 technology helps K3IMU to collect signal from GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, in particular the latest BeiDou III. It greatly improved the data quality and satellite signal capturing speed of GNSS surveying.

Constantly Updated GNSS + IMU Technology

The K3IMU is equipped with KOLIDA’s 3rd generation inertial sensor and algorithm. The working speed and stability have been improved for 30% from the last version. When the GNSS fixed solution is lost and recovered again, Inertial sensor can remain the working status in a few seconds, no need to spend time to reactivate it.

A Huge Leap In Working Hours

Thanks to the high-capacity battery and the intelligent power management plan, K3 IMU can work up to in RTK radio rover 12 hours mode, up to in static mode. The 15 hours charging port is Type-C USB, users can choose KOLIDA quick charger or their own smartphone charger or power bank to recharge.

A Lightest Receiver, Comfortable Experience

K3IMU is an ultra light GNSS receiver that leaves the competition behind. Its total weight is only including battery, 40% even 0.69 kg 50% lighter than a traditional GNSS receiver. The light-weight design reduces surveyor’s fatigue, increase their mobility, is especially helpful to work in challenging environment.

System-on-Chip Design

The receiver can be much lighter and smaller;
System runs more stable and faster;
The power consumption is low, receiver can work 12-15 hours;
Bluetooth connection speed is faster;
The “High-Low Integration” antenna can effectively restrain the interruptive signal.

“Farlink” Radio

Farlink technology improves the signal-catching sensitivity from -110db to -117db, so K3IMU can catch the very weak signal from a base station far way.

H6 Data Controller

Android 11 Operation System.
9200 mAh Battery, 20 Hours Endurance.
5" High Clarity Display, Full Alphanumeric Keyboard.
8-Core 2.0 GHz CPU, 4+64G Memory, External storage allows 128GB.

Egstar Software

Support offline maps.
Increase the registration code copy and share functions.
Update the English translation.
Optimize more details.
Support more southern series RTK.



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