Durable 1408 channels Imu Unistrong G970Ii Pro Gnss Gps Base Y Rover

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The Unistrong G970ii pro receiver can track all current satellite constellations and signals. The new generation of Athena RTK engine effectively improves RTK initialisation success rate and initialisation accuracy in harsh environments, and supports long-baseline RTK solution, which is an effective guarantee for high-efficiency and high-precision RTK operations.

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Multi-constellation and multi-frequency
With 1408 channels of GNSS tracking, G970ii pro provides stable and reliable accuracy. All GNSS signals are coming with standard including GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, IRNSS and SBAS.

Dual Hot-swap Intelligent Batteries
Two hot-swap batteries ensure field operation up to 12 hours. Use can change battery anytime without interrupting the work. Battery level can be checked on the LED indicators by a simple click.

Tilt survey
IMU technology, tilt 60 degrees, accuracy 2cm.
Ensure the performance and accuracy of the product in complex electromagnetic environments, and improve its usability.

The G970ii pro receiver supports aRTK continuous constellation RTK technology, in the case of traditional RTK data link interruption, using aRTK continuous constellation RTK technology to maintain RTK precision operation for a certain period of time, eliminating the dead angle of traditional RTK operation.

Intelligent Voice
G970ii pro will broadcast voice automatically to remind user the solution status is changed. It is also able to manually broadcast current working mode and solution status by short pressing power button.

P9IV Data Controller

Professional-grade Android 11 controller.
Impressive Battery Life: continuously work up to 15 hours.
Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.0-inch HD Touchscreen.
32GB Large Memory Storage.
Google Service Framework.
Rugged Design: Integrated magnesium alloy bracket.

Surpad 4.2 Software

Enjoy the powerful functions, including tilt survey, CAD, line stakeout, road stakeout, GIS data collection, COGO calculation, QR code scanning, FTP transmission, etc.
Abundant Formats for Importing and Exporting.
Easy-to-use UI.
Advanced Display of Base Maps.
Compatible with Any Android Devices.
Powerful CAD Function.


GNSS Channels 1408
Signals BDS: B1, B2, B3
GPS: L1CA, L1P. L1C, L2P, L2C, L5
GLONASS: G1, G2, G3, P1, P2
QZSS: L1CA. L2C. L5, L1C
L-Band: Atlas H10/H30/Basic
Accuracy Static H: 2.5 mm±0.1ppm, V: 3.5 mm±0.4ppm
RTK H: 8 mm±1ppm, V:15 mm±1ppm
DGNSS <0.5m
System Initialization Time 8s
Initialization Reliable 99.90%
Operating System Linux
Merrory 8GB, support expanable MisroSD
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth BT5.0, BLE
SIM Card Micro SIM card, Global 4G
E-Bubble support
Tilt Survey IMU Tilt Survey 60°, Fusion Positioning/400Hz refresh rate
Power Battery Capacity 7.2V/3400mAh*2, Removable Battery
Working Time Up to 10 hours
Voltage 9-28V DC, Over-voltage Protection
Internal Radio
Type TX and RX
Frequency Range 410~470MHz,902.4~928MHz
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz/25KHz
Emitting Power 1W
Operation Range 3~5Km typically
10Km with optimal conditions
Protocol Statel,PCC,TrimTalk, TrimMark III, South, Hi Target
Environmental Operating Temperature  -40℃+ 65℃
Storage Temperature  -45℃. + 80℃
IP Dearee IP67
Mechanical Dimensions Φ156mm×H76mm
weight 1.3kg with 2 batteries
1.1kg without battery
Power / Data Connector 1 TNC radio antenna. 15 PIN( power + RS232 ) -7PIN ( USB+RS232)
Button Power button, short press to voice broadcast status
Indicators Satellites, datalink, battery, Bluetooth

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