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The EFIX F8 seamlessly integrates cutting edge VISION, GNSS and IMU technologies to meet the needs of professional surveyors. It offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for surveying tasks.

With the integration of dual cameras, the F8′s advanced vision system allows surveyors to effortlessly overcome obstacles and survey challenging terrain, including difficult-to-fix, hard-to-reach, and hazardous points. Real-time visual feedback enables precise stakeout without the complexity of offset methods, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy.

By leveraging the capabilities of the F8, surveyors can streamline their workflow, increase productivity and achieve exceptional results in every project they undertake.

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Full Constellation Support and Advanced RTK Engine: RTK Signal Boosted By 60%!

1608 signal channels and advanced Full-Star algorithm to track full constellation and frequencies.
High-efficiency SoC provides a 60% increase in processing speed.

Effortless Ar Vision Navigation +Vision Stakeout

Convenient AR vision navigation with large arrows and accurate real-time distance indication.
Immersive AR Visual Stakeout to vividly display ground stakeout points in the eField software, increasing efficiency by 50%.

Vision Survey: Accurately Measure Complex Scenes in Real-Time

Easily obtain high-precision 3D coordinates from real-time video, enabling accurate measurements of challenging scenes, including signal-obscured, hard-to-reach and hazardous points.
High-speed dynamic panoramic shooting, high-quality and distortion-free image capture, automated image matching with up to 85% overlap rate.

Efficient 3d Modeling From Field to Office

Capture POS photos with F8's Vision Survey for both individual building modeling and collaborative modeling with drones to complement aerial surveys.
Seamlessly integrate F8's engineering data into industry-standard software such as ContextCapture for 3D modeling.

Fully Integrated Gnss and 4D Auto-Imu

Automatic 4D IMU initialization during motion eliminates initialization thresholds.
Maintain IMU initialization throughout field operations to ensure continuous accuracy.

FC2 Data Controller
5.5" Color touch screen, Sun-light readable.
Core 2.0 GHz CPU, 4+64G Memory, Android 8.1 OS.
6,500 mA battery for full working day.
Support:Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile network 2G/3G/4G, NFC.
IP67 protection from dust and water.

EField Software
eField is a full-featured , intuitive and professional App designed for high precision field works such as surveying, engineering, mapping, GIS data collection, and road stakeout, etc. Productivity is eField's top priority.

Various functionalities/applications.
User-friendly interfaces.
Enhanced graphical tools.
Super packed road elements.
Cloud Service.


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